Grady's Annual Storybook Parade will be on Wednesday, October 31st at 8:15am. Teachers, staff and students are invited to dress in a costume depicting a favorite storybook character. Students are encouraged to carry the book that depicts the character they are wearing.

The parade will begin at 8:15 am. After the parade, school work will resume and teachers have planned literature based activities related to the storybook characters. If your child's costume would be uncomfortable to wear all day, he or she may change back into a school uniform. 

If your child needs help planning something to wear, just send a note to his/her homeroom teacher and assistance will be given. In planning your child's outfit, remember that according to school board policy, toy guns, toy swords or weapons of any kind cannot be brought to school. Also be aware that very scary costumes are not permitted. 

Parents are invited to view the parade in the front of the school. There will be a donation only sale, which will benefit the fifth grade end of year activities.