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Tuesday clubs begin at 2:30 pm and end at 3:30 pm.

Flag Football Club Grades 3-5

Course Instructor:  Protential Sports, Coach Julie Garretson, District Manager



Our NFL Flag Football program is the premier youth football league for boys and girls. The program provides young players a fun and exciting opportunity to engage in non-contact, continuous action while learning lessons in teamwork. This league is excellent for first time players to develop their athletic skills as well as advanced players to put their skills to the test. 

Launched in 1996, the FLAG Football program is designed to educate young people about football while emphasizing participation and sportsmanship. Players learn skills and lessons that help them succeed both on and off the field.

Course Cost: $90

Minimum Enrollment: 8

Maximum Enrollment: 20

Photography Club K-5

Instructor: Kim Hicks, Shutterbug Academy



Students learn to express themselves through photography. They will learn the basics about photography such as, aperture, shutter speed, and composition.  They will learn the styles of famous photographers and learn to create their own style. They will build a portfolio and have an off-site student show.  Cameras are supplied (loaned) during the course of the club.

Note:  This program does require a minimum of 10 students, so please encourage friends to sign up too.  

Course Cost:  $125

Maximum Enrollment: 18

Spanish 2 Club for K-5

Instructor:  Alicia Campos Masso


Tel:(646) 498-9260

This club combines music, games, role-play, culture and drama to help kids learn basic vocabulary and expressions to communicate in Spanish using basic language structures while learning Latino American and Spaniard cultures.

Kids will learn to conjugate verbs, play games in Spanish, and will have reading time in Spanish.

No previous knowledge is required, but knowing basic Spanish is recommended. Price includes all materials. Sign up now and start singing in Spanish.

About your Spanish instructor: Miss Alicia was born in Spain and had lived in Mexico for several years. She has taught Spanish at college level for years at Harvard, NYU and UPenn among other universities in the US. Currently Miss Alicia teaches at her studio where she teaches Spanish through art.

Course Cost: $95

Maximum Enrollment: 20

Martial Arts K-5

Instructor: Anthony Kuntz


Tel: 813 - 832 - 8800

Martial Arts Advantage Kids Have a Blast! Plus, Our Programs Build Self-Confidence, Discipline, Respect, Focus, Listening, and So Much More!

Our students focus better at school, get improved grades, behave and listen at home, and are way more respectful to boot. Also, they know how to stand up to bullies, deal with peer pressure, and handle negativity that comes their way. Martial Arts Advantage helps give kids an advantage and a positive outlook on life! Parents, we’re serious when we say Martial Arts is the PERFECT activity for kids. The exercise will keep them in shape and the positive attitude will keep them happy. Plus, the respect, courtesy, and self-confidence they gain will give them an advantage in school, relationships, and on their outlook on life!

Course Cost: $ 135

Minimum Enrollment: 20

Maximum Enrollment: 36

Drama Club for K-5

Drama Kids: Acting, Improv & Public Speaking

 Vendor:  Drama Kids International; website:; Owner/Director: Faith Clark; Tel: (813) 489-5899

Drama Kids is a Creative Drama & Literacy Enrichment Program where kids "Act Up" with a purpose! A PLACE WHERE YOU CAN BE YOURSELF!!!  This workshop teaches public speaking skills through the wonderful world of drama!  Students will participate in speech exercises, improvisation, scripted scenes, theatre games and more!  Drama Kids thrives on giving children the best gift ever: the gift of CONFIDENCE!

Course Cost:  $120

Minimum enrollment: 12

Maximum enrollment: 20