Wednesday clubs begin at 2:15 pm and end at 3:15 pm.

Chess for K-2nd

Learn new strategies, checkmates and openings from the coaches at Board One Chess Academy! The Grady Chess Club will feature special pizza days, tournaments and prizes. Our coaches have the highest quality chess software and lesson plans and we insist on having at least two instructors at each meeting so your child receives top quality instruction. 

Course Cost: $195

Minimum Enrollment: 8

Maximum Enrollment: 22




Baseball for K-2nd

At ALPHA Baseball Academy we deliver advanced training to all ages. Our mission is to positively effect the lives of its players both on and off the field. Our staff consists of an ex MLB and college players, who continue to love the game of baseball.  It is our mission to build a relationship with each individual player in our program.  We will help teach them the necessary qualities they must possess in order to play successfully at higher levels. ALPHA ensures that our players play the game with respect and understand how to play the game the way it was meant to be played, all while having FUN.

Course Cost: $225

Minumum Enrollment: 8

Maximum Enrollment: 22

ALPHA Baseball Academy

Owner/Coach: Corey Brown

Email: [email protected]


Telephone: (972) 921-5334

Cooking Club for K-2nd

We are a hands-on cooking class where we use creativity to make fun delicious menu items. From fresh pasta to cupcake decorating kids will have a blast all while learning!  We will teach kids basic cooking skills and techniques such as chopping, mixing, measuring, muddling, rolling through the preparation & assembling of fun foods and drinks all while entertaining and having a blast!  We will also be teaching kids food safety, knife safety and allergy awareness.  These are all life skills that they are learning and will increase their love for cooking!  We take pride in knowing that our classes are fun, safe, educational, creative, and inclusive!  Each class, we will be making at least 2 menu items.

Students may be bringing home food, so students not going home immediately after class may want to bring a small tote-size cooler to the class.

All products are always 100% peanut and tree nut free and we are very allergy friendly!  

Course Cost: $255

Minimum Enrollment: 12

Maximum Enrollment: 28

Instructor: Samantha Peal, Chef It Up 2 Go!

Email: [email protected]


Telephone: (813) 943-3102