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A message about the After School Enrichment ("ASE") Clubs Program:

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Dear Grady Parents,

The sign up period for Winter Clubs will open on Wednesday, August 8. The clubs will begin the week of August 20-24. There will be no clubs the week of November 19-23, it is Thanksgiving week. Clubs will end the week of December 10-14.  There will be 14 sessions of Monday clubs (Sep 3 and Nov 12 is a student holiday) and 16 sessions of Tuesday through Friday clubs

We have a first-come, first-serve online sign-up and payment process for clubs. To see club descriptions please go to Once you are ready to sign up, please go to  You can sign one child up for multiple clubs at the same time, but you must do a separate registration for each child. Online registration requires use of our CISCO-Certified secure link to pay by credit card (all major credit cards are accepted).  If you wish to pay by check or in installments, paper sign up forms will be available in the front office. Signing up online has the advantage that you will immediately know if your child is accepted into the club.

All clubs meet for one hour after school.  Students are encouraged to bring a snack to eat prior to each club meeting. Students in athletic clubs are required to bring water to drink during the club.  Monday clubs begin at 1:15 pm and end at 2:15 pm. Tuesday through Friday clubs begin at 2:15 pm and end at 3:15 pm. At the end of the club, YMCA students will be returned to the cafeteria and all other students will be taken to the car loop for car line pick up. You must have a car line pick up card displayed on your dashboard during ASE Club pickup. Daycare vans may also pick up in the carline for ASE Club dismissal only. You must make separate arrangements with private daycare providers for ASE Club pickup. If you need an extra car line pick up card, they are available in the front office.

Late pick-up policy: There is a $20 late fee to be paid in cash to the ASE Club Coordinator for child pick-ups that are more than 15 minutes after the stated pick-up time.  This fee, if incurred, must be paid before the student attends the very next club session.  Continued failure to pick your child up on time will result in termination of participation in the Enrichment Program.

Club switching policy: We will grant requests to switch clubs so long as those requests are made after the first club meeting and before the second club meeting.  If you have any concerns of questions about clubs, at any time, please reach out to our ASE Club Coordinator. 

Code of Conduct: Students are expected to meet the same code of conduct in ASE Clubs as during school hours. A student’s participation in ASE Clubs is at the sole discretion and permission of Grady Elementary PTA. Grady Elementary PTA reserves the right to exclude or remove students from the ASE Club Program based upon conduct. There are no refunds of club fees.

Please contact ASE Club Connection, Norma Maiz, with questions at [email protected]. We are excited to offer these clubs to you and hope that your children enjoy them.


Grady Elementary PTA

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