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PTA Membership Is An Investment In Your Child's Education

Kindergarten Round Up PTA

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Grady Elementary PTA

Grady Elementary PTA's mission is to enhance every child's educational experience.  Of equal importance is our mission to make Grady Elementary an inclusive, caring place for all students and their families.  

Our PTA administers Grady's After School Enrichment Program, which offers clubs like Robotics, Chess, Spanish, Basketball and Art.  We promote arts in education by administering the Reflections Art Contest and building the backdrop for the Spring Musical.  We promote spelling by bringing the Scripps Spelling Bee to Grady each December.  We support teachers by providing $1,000/grade in mini-grants for educational supplies, technology or even to pay the honorarium for a popular children's author to speak at the school (last year we funded $9,000 in such grants).  

We also directly have improved children's classroom experiences.  In 2016, we funded $10,000 in classroom laptop replacements and software upgrades.  The laptops we replaced work the smart boards and/or mimeos in each classroom.  We also funded sums toward teacher salaries to administer a free after school tutoring program called ELP. 

Our PTA has also focused on beautification and safety at Grady Elementary.  In 2015, our PTA replaced the north and east perimeter fence with an aluminum fence that is more secure and attractive than the fence it replaced.  Grady's administration is committed to keeping the school clean, safe and well maintained. We have assisted in that effort through replacement of the perimeter fence.  

Grady Elementary PTA has two large fundraisers a year: the Fall Fundraiser and the Tiger Trek Walkathon.  We hold many events during the year including Tiger Tears (first day boo-hoo breakfast), Grandparents' Breakfast, Fall Festival and the Spring Musical.  We also produce the annual school yearbook. 

Our PTA is a 100% Membership PTA, and has been for years.  Parents and Teachers are expected to join and participate in our PTA.  In 2016, our school of 438 students had 298 parent, grandparent or other members in the PTA and 68 teacher members, for a total of 366 members.  Notably, every single employee of Grady Elementary, whether a teacher or not, is a member of the PTA.  Grady's employees care greatly about our PTA.

Our PTA has won numerous awards for volunteering and participation.  In 2015, our PTA won the Hillsborough County Superintendent's Award for parent involvement.  Our school has won an award for best Instructor, Media Specialist Nicholas Tsourakis, in 2016.  Principal Kristine Dosal was awarded County-wide Principal of the Year by the Hillsborough County Council PTA in 2014.   

Grady Elementary PTA communicates to its members through the Tiger Talk email system and paper flyers that come home in backpacks.  There are always opportunities to volunteer by reaching out to Mrs. Taylor in the front office or contacting our VP of Volunteers at

Volunteering is not required, but it is strongly encouraged.  Whether you volunteer in your child's classroom, serve as homeroom parent, make copies for the teacher, set up chairs for an event, bring treats for a classroom party, plan an event or take pictures for the yearbook, your contributions are both expected and greatly appreciated.  Collectively, our contributions yield great results for our school.

To join Grady Elementary PTA, please click on the Membership Form link under the Related links on the right side of the page.