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Student Nutrition Department Profiles

Ana Conti

SNS Manager

Email: [email protected]

Hometown Tampa
Birthday July 26
Family Husband and 3 kids
Schools Grady Elementary
Favorite Color Blue
Hobbies Movies, and Family Time
Favorite Restaurant Olive Garden, Chili's
Favorite Drink Dr. Pepper

Takalah Whitaker

SNS Coordinator

Mercedes Lopez


Hometown Tampa, FL
Birthday September 15
Family Husband, daughter, and son
Schools Grady Elementary
Favorite Color Red and Orange
Hobbies Reading
Favorite Author Any
Favorite Restaurant Applebees, Outback
Favorite Drink Coffee and Tea

Lidia Ruiz de Perez

Lunchroom Aide

Hometown Tampa
Birthday April 21
Family Husband and Daughter
Favorite Color Blue
Hobbies Shopping
Favorite Author Ruben Dario
Favorite Restaurant Macaroni Grill
Favorite Drink Coffee

Margelys Gonzalez


Llamila Nunez Forte