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The Transportation Department wishes to notify all parents of the different ways to access bus run information for your child before school starts.  Please see the list below that lists bus stop locations, times and bus numbers. Additionally, this run information is also available at

If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at Grady (813) 872-5325 where we will be happy to answer any questions you have.  Please remember, if you have an ESE child receiving specialized bus services, your bus driver will be contacting you on or before August 10th   with specific bus stop locations, times, and bus numbers.

Grady Elementary School 2016- 2017 Bus Stop Information


STOP NUMBER                                      STOP LOCATION                                         TIME (Tues-Fri)         

Bus Driver: TBD                                   Bus Number: TBD                                       AM  -  PM

005                                          W. Cleveland St & S. Sherrill St               7:16  -  2:41     (1:41 Monday)

003                                          N. Manhattan Ave & W. North B St          7:19  -  2:36     (1:36 Monday)

002                                          W. Cass St & N. Grady Ave                      7:23  -  2:31     (1:31 Monday)

004                                          N. Grady Ave & W. Waterman Av              7:24  -  2:33     (1:33 Monday)

006                                          W. Azeele St (NE Cr @ S. Sterling Av        7:27  -  2:27     (1:27 Monday)

008                                          S. Himes Ave & NW Cr @ W. Mullen         7:29  -  2:24     (1:24 Monday)

000                                          School:  Grady Elementary School           7:30  -  2:22     (1:22 Monday)                                              

Please note that during the first week of school the bus times may vary slightly.  Your patience is greatly appreciated.