On Monday, January 23, and Tuesday, January 24,  Grady Elementary is celebrating National Literacy Week with a Book Swap.   

Do your children have books at home that they are no longer interested in, or have outgrown?  Then please bring those books to the Kathryn Hance Media Center on Monday and Tuesday, January 23 & 24 to swap them out for a different book of your child’s choice.   We will spread the love of reading to other kids by donating all extra books to the Hillsborough County Literacy Association’s book drive!   Please search your bookshelves, your rooms, the car, and even grandma’s house for books to swap and donate!  For more information about the Book Swap, please contact Reading Coach Mrs. Harahan at:  [email protected].  

Thank you, Grady student family members and friends, for your Tiger Trek donations.  Your donations sponsor many wonderful activities at Grady Elementary.  Today is the deadline to submit a $35 donation for your child to have a Tiger Trek T-Shirt on the day of Tiger Trek.  If you haven’t sent in the donation yet and would like your child to have a shirt for Tiger Trek, please click here to donate before the close of business today:  Donate.   Please put your child’s grade and t-shirt size in the block next to your child’s name.  If you get the order in today, your child will have a shirt on the day of Tiger Trek.