Do you have a good book- one that you just loved?

Help spread the love of reading by bringing that book and swapping it out for another one! 

Things to know:

  • Bring your book to school on Thursday, May 17th
  • Students will be able to swap one book (even if they bring more). 
  • If you have several books-We would love the donation, as some students will not have a book to swap.  This gives everybody the opportunity to participate. 
  • Please bring high interest books that you think your friends would enjoy reading (such as Warrior, Dork Diaries, Harry Potter, Babysitter's Club, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, The One and Only Ivan, Smiles, I Survived, Nate the Great, Wonder, Battle Books, the list goes on and on)

So, search your bookshelves, your rooms, the car, and even grandma’s house for a book to swap!


Help spread the love of reading from one Reader to Another!